Tweet Tips of the Week 12/04-12/10

Every now and then I like to tweet some quick tips or short commands that can be useful for System Administrators.  Here are some of my recent tweets:

12/08 - Remoted into a machine and can't find the Restart option? Use 'Shutdown /f /r /t 00' to force a reboot immediately.

12/07 - PowerShell network scanner - 1..254 | %{test-connection 192.168.1.$_ -count 1 | Select Destination,IPV4Address} 

12/06 - Enable/Disable the opening of multiple Outlook windows with a switch by changing your shortcut to 'Outlook.exe /recycle'.

12/05 - Want to use a GUI to shut down large a number of machines? Use 'shutdown /i' and you will be presented with a shutdown GUI.

12/04 - Don't have installed for WMI queries? No worries, use WMIC. 'wmic OS get Version'.

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