Arposh Windows System Administration tool 2.0 (AWSA)

Download AWSA 2.0

New in v2.0:
  • Compatibility with Windows servers
  • Many pre-requisities removed
  • Customization of results via XML file
  • Built-in search function
  • View services of remote computers
  • Send messages to computers remotely
  • Context menus
  • Performance has been enhanced greatly
  • Ability to add local administrators

ACSA Requirements:
- Powershell v2 or greater

  • Connects to currently logged-in domain on startup or domain set in XML file
  • Search for PC - Search Active Directory for computers matching the string in the textbox
  • System Info - Gathers info about PC, user session, make/model, hardware, OS, and networking
  • Local Admins - Enumerates local administrators and allows you to add or remove them
  • Applications - Enumerates installed software and allows you to uninstall
  • Startup Items - Enumerates startup items and allows you to remove them
  • Processes - Enumerates running processes and allows you to kill them
  • Services - Enumerates services
  • Remote Desktop - Remote desktop into computer
  • Remote Assistance - Initiate remote assistance session with remote computer
  • View C Drive - Opens explorer to the C drive of remote computer
  • Send Message - Sends a message to all users on remote computer
  • Restart Computer - Restarts remote computer (Includes confirmation)
  • File Menu
    • Connect to domain... - Connect to a different domain
  • View Menu
    • View WSUS logs
    • View Event Viewer
    • View Services
    • View Local Users/Groups MMC

Usage: Download and unblock the file (Right-click, Properties and unblock). Unzip and open the AWSA.Options.xml file in Notepad to modify any settings.  To use the GUI, right-click the AWSA.ps1 script and select 'Run with PowerShell'.  Once the GUI loads, type in a partial computer name to search for it in Active Directory.  Right-click on a computer in the listbox and select it to move the name into the textbox.  If you already know the name of the computer you would like to manage remotely, you can type that directly into the textbox.

Download AWSA 2.0

Tweet Tips of the Week 12/04-12/10

Every now and then I like to tweet some quick tips or short commands that can be useful for System Administrators.  Here are some of my recent tweets:

12/08 - Remoted into a machine and can't find the Restart option? Use 'Shutdown /f /r /t 00' to force a reboot immediately.

12/07 - PowerShell network scanner - 1..254 | %{test-connection 192.168.1.$_ -count 1 | Select Destination,IPV4Address} 

12/06 - Enable/Disable the opening of multiple Outlook windows with a switch by changing your shortcut to 'Outlook.exe /recycle'.

12/05 - Want to use a GUI to shut down large a number of machines? Use 'shutdown /i' and you will be presented with a shutdown GUI.

12/04 - Don't have installed for WMI queries? No worries, use WMIC. 'wmic OS get Version'.